6 Automobile Components that are Simple to Recycle

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If there was one way that we could help the planet in these environmentally trying times, it is to recycle plastic. But there is more than one way, and another is to recycle used automobile parts. Fortunately there is barely any part of any car that can’t be properly recycled. The steel itself can be melted down and used to make other things, if worst comes to worst.

But if the part is in good enough condition, it can simply be removed from the written off car that it is on and put on a car that works. Here is a list of six parts that can be recycled with little effort.

  1. Oil

Your car needs motor oil, as you already well known. However, you may not know that the oil needs to be replaced. Okay. You already knew that as well. And you also know that this replacement has to take place about every three months. If you are good and caring about the general well-being of your vehicle, you will be taking it in to get a good servicing regularly, and the people who service it will take that your old oil, clean it and recycle it.

  1. Oil Filters

Oil filters are made out of plastic, which is a recyclable substance. They also have paper and steel in them. The worst thing you can do is chuck it into the bin. There are toxic substances within the oil that are still all over the part and are not suitable for getting out into the environment.

  1. The Battery

Batteries are very important to get recycled, as they have materials within them that shouldn’t be disposed of haphazardly. This includes battery acid and lead. The local plant life and wild life of your area will not appreciate you poisoning them with these toxic substances. Fortunately car batteries can be recycled with great ease. There are centres out there that are specialised specifically for the purpose of recycling batteries.

  1. Tyres

Tyres are made out of resources that are limited and bad for the planet. They don’t break down in the environment. But they can be reconstituted into other things in the right hands. If they are shredded they can be used to make a variety of other products, including rubber asphalt. Don’t ever litter your tyres. They need to be recycled instead.

  1. Steel

Most of any particular vehicle is made out of steel. That steel was originally made out of ores that are mined from the earth. Mining is incredibly bad in how it pollutes and releases greenhouse gasses. By having the steel recycled, the need for mining is reduced.

  1. Glass

Glass when broken is sharp, as you already know. If not recycled, it invariable breaks and hurts people. It should be recycled. Glass recycling centres are actually a thing, so getting glass recycled shouldn’t be any struggle for you.

You can also contact your local auto recycling companies who can recycle the complete vehicle for you, check below:

For Lower North Island:

Auto Recyclers Wellington

For Up North:

Auto Recyclers Auckland


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