The Lowdown on Christchurch Scrap Yards


It has long been known that auto wrecking cash for cars companies are out there buying people’s junk cars. Thankfully, it is common knowledge, which means that no-one has an excuse for leaving their vehicles on their lawns. But who knows what happens to the vehicle once it gets there?

Do they fix the car up? Do they just pile all the cars on top of each other, making huge towers made out entirely of junk vehicles?

The fact of the matter is that the environment needs all the help it can get in this day and age. Because the industry and rampant consumerism has dealt it some terrible blows. And the local scrap car yards in Christchurch help by recycling all the automobiles that have died. If they aren’t recycled, there is more demand for the mining industry to plunder the earth for metals and other materials. We all know how bad mining is for the environment.

This blog post will go through all the main details pertaining to what happens at Professional Car Wreckers Service and salvage yard.

What exactly is a Wrecking Yard?

Wrecking yards get referred to by a few different labels. Such as salvage yard, junk yard, scrap yard, and so forth. It is a place where vehicles that are no longer worth the cost of repair go in order to be recycled. One way that they get the vehicles that they wreck is by buying them from the general public. Different companies have different policies. Such as what makes and models they buy and how much they pay, to whether they will provide removal free of cost.

Do they Have Special Guidelines?

Yes. They have guidelines that make sure they are conducting the wrecking process in a manner. That is both safe and environmentally friendly. They will have a lot of safety guidelines due to the fact that accidents can occur when working with heavy equipment. These guidelines will often come in the form of regulations. That are set forth by government agencies such as Work Safety.

As far as the environment is concerned, there one way that they make sure that they are doing the right thing. It is by using the rule that they have to drain fluids before starting the dismantling process. This ensures that they are not creating more problems than they are solving. Which is a very comforting thought.

When to Deal with a Scrap Yard

Wrecking Yards are the go-to people for when your car has permanently broken down. You can’t really sell a scrap vehicle in any other way. This can all be boiled down to the fact that private buyers usually buy cars that they can drive.

Auto wrecking companies also sell the parts that they salvage. So if you need a replacement part for your vehicle, and you want to go the second hand route, this is the best kind of place to buy them. The parts are often in great condition and ultra-affordable.


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