How to get rid of your old car fast in Christchurch?

A vehicle never live forever regardless of how durable and tough it is. There is always a point of time when it is no safer to drive. Even if you think about making repairs, it will be hard to put it in a good working condition again. In this situation, most people wonder “How to scrap my old car fast”?

If you are a South islander, then Auto Wreckers in Christchurch @ Taha Car Buyers, will be more than happy to help you. We will pay the best cash for your old vehicle, whether it is dead or alive. Beside this monetary benefit we will also take care to recycle your car in an environment-friendly manner.


As a nationwide Cash for Cars Company, we all know about the risk that a rusted vehicle and its harmful oil leaks can cause. It could be severely dangerous to the environment and its surroundings. This is serious headache for the people owning vehicles that has reached beyond the junk stage. So if you want a clean environment and surroundings it is important to Junk Car Removal Company. They will collect your scrap vehicle without any unconvinced.

And, you don’t have to prepare or fix your aged junk vehicle for the sale. After visiting your property, they will thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Whether it is damaged or fixable, you will get a quick cash and free auto removal through New Zealand. It’s better to know a few more ways to get rid of your old car fast. So here, check them out.

Choose Reputed Car Wreckers to Scrap Your Car

Although, it may sound easy to scrap your old vehicle but it is actually very tough. If you think of doing it yourself it can be really stressful. Plus you may end up polluting the environment. So in order to junk your old car in less overwhelming and time-saving way, you can hire a car wrecking service.  

Their services are pretty easy and quick to dispose unwanted automobiles without hassle. Beside this they pay the most reasonable possible value for unwanted automobiles. You don’t need to put any hard efforts to find how much you can get for your old car.

Simply contact them over phone and share your vehicle’s basic information. You can also do this through their website by filling out the simple inquiry form.

Dump it at a scrapyard

Selling your vehicle to a Wrecker is another great option to make money out of it. When you feel that your automobile has reached a point that is no more roadworthy or worth repairing. It’s time to consider replacing it with a more durable vehicle. Whether it is really old or totally broken, junkyards in New Zealand will pay you the best price.

They find it easy to take off useful components like doors, tyres, and the auto body. After recycling them they sell it as replacement parts. While making sure to dispose those parts that are not in a condition to be refurbished.

Sell it for parts

When you are planning to junk your car there are chances that you may consider breaking it for parts. Sure, it is a great option for making higher money out of your unwanted vehicle. Inside you will have better knowledge about vehicle since you might have fixed a lot of repairs on your old car. So, if you have sufficient time and energy to do this job it will be a good choice.

Furthermore, there is a great need for used spare parts in current market. It will be easy to find buyers for your salvaged components.

Consider giving it to a loved one

It is normal for a vehicle to get damaged after it has actively offered you comfortable rides for more than two decades. But if you don’t have the time to sell it for parts or trade it in. You can consider giving it away to a close relative or friend. It will anyways not cost you more than a couple of thousand dollars.

Consider Dismantling Your Car

If the above options don’t suit your needs because your car is still in a working condition. You can consider dismantling it. Even if it is totally damaged or dead vehicle you can easily find working components in it. It can include batteries, tyres, engine, steering wheel, gear boxes, windscreens and headlights. You can definitely find a place or buyer that can buy its useful components at fair rates.


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