How to sell your Flood Damaged Car

Selling an old car is not easy so what can we expect from the flood damaged vehicles?

In recent few years, natural disasters have become more frequent and worse. And, vehicles are more likely to get damaged in such events, no matter how precocious you are. Even in Qld storms, torrential rain and flood create a feeling of terror among the people. As it causes great loss to the folks and their environment. And, due to the common occurrence of flood, it is almost impossible to protect your automobile from damages. So, if you have any vehicle wrecked in severe floods, don’t let it ruin a valuable space on your place. Make sure to contact Australia’s used car buyer’s team and sell your unwanted vehicle for good money.

Top cash for Flood damaged cars

Regardless of how strong and reliable your brand is, your vehicle will still get damaged. However, the severity of will varies depending on the severity of the flood and how it affected your vehicle. As a result, it is very difficult to get rid of automobiles damaged in the floods. It even seems impossible to some people that they can sell their flood damaged cars for cash. But with the skilled crew at Used Car Guys selling a flooded or damaged vehicle for cash is not a big deal. They even pay top dollars for junk, flood-damaged and unwanted vehicles of all types.

No problem with the vehicle’s make or model

At used car buyers, they take great pride to handle vehicles of any make and model. This is all possible due to our many years of extensive knowledge in this business. It sharpens our skills to treat every flooded or damaged vehicle suitably without leaving a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, don’t let your wrecked automobile clutter on your property, due its make or model. All you have to do is call them and get paid a fair stack of cash.

Other than paying cash for flood damaged vehicles, they also offer cash for unwanted, used, scrap, accidental and broken wheels. 

When is the good time?

After your automobile get water-logged in flood, make sure to check it thoroughly. If it has been submerged in water for longer time, the damage will be major. You must lookout for the following signs to inspect the severity of damage in your wheels. 

  • First of all, check out the power system in your vehicle. You can check it by operating AC, windows, locks, engine and wipers;
  • Notice if your vehicle is smelly, usually a musty odour;
  • Look out for dirt and stains due to accumulation of mud;
  • See if there is any water logged in the glove box or similar closed space in your automobile;
  • Look out for signs of corrosion and rust in your automobile’s interior;
  • Check out whether all equipment’s in your automobile are operating properly or not. This includes testing the charger, radio, moving your seats, and every other equipment that has been logged in water;
  • Check the oil and components of the engine;
  • And most importantly, test drive your automobile before you begin using it in your normal routine. As there could be any hidden damages like poor mechanism of breaks and accelerator.

If you observe any of the above signs in your vehicle, don’t fret. It is the right time to junk your car for cash with used car buyers.

How Wrecking yard guys treat with these vehicles?

If you are concerned about how to sell a damaged car in wrecking yard, then it is understandable. It is the right of every customer to know if their damaged automobiles are treated safely after being taken to the salvage yard. These there are many companies who follow unethical methods to deal with unwanted automobiles. So, it’s smart to be aware of them.

After buying a flood damaged car, used car buyers analyse its condition and based on that they decide its future course. Usually they dismantle such automobiles and extract their workable components. These are then recycled and cleaned for re-use as refurbished goods. They have also signed a contract with some recognized metal buying companies. So, after taking out the valuable parts, they sell the leftover automobile in crushed form to these companies.


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