Selling a car in NZ while living overseas


In today’s modern world, we can commonly see people moving overseas for family, work, or explore new opportunities. But when they move abroad they leave many valuable possessions like car in their honesty. Of course, you will not want to leave your automobile rusting, if your stay in abroad get extended for a few more months. You will have to also meet unwanted expenses like registration bills, insurance costs and vehicle financing payments.    

However, selling a car in NZ while living overseas can be difficult and stressful. Basically, it involves a lot of hassles like negotiating a fair bargain, organizing test drives and saving yourself from scammers. In order to complete this process effectively and smoothly while living overseas. You will need some simple tips discussed below.

Organize the essential documents  

When selling any vehicle it is imperative to have all the necessary paperwork in hand. Usually this includes all such paperwork like registration, ownership title, etc. After organizing and signing the required documents ensure to appoint someone to execute the process on your behalf. This way you can complete the sale process quickly.

However, if you decide to sell your vehicle after moving abroad, don’t worry. You can assign this responsibility to someone trustworthy. And they will take care of the sale process and associated paperwork. As for the paperwork, they can send it to you abroad for signing it.

Search the right buyer

After completing the relevant paperwork, search for a decent buyer. If you do it yourself while living abroad, it can be difficult. So, make sure to take help of the person that you have appointed for this task. You can either take help of a trustworthy friend or close relative. They can deal with your prospective buyers on your behalf. Hence, they will be able to get your car inspected and advertise it to find the right buyer.

If you prefer, you can also employ a car broker who are experienced in selling automobiles quickly. They will also store the vehicle at their place so the buyers can easily view it. How about the condition of the vehicle is not very decent? Why scrap your car for cash?

In this case, you can contact Car Wreckers Christchurch in South of New Zealand and make the best deal over the internet or phone.

Secure a decent deal

The fair price of an automobile is influenced by various elements like its interior and exterior condition. However, you can select many different ways for determining the fair value of your wheels. Just make sure to guide your representative to precisely inspect your vehicle. This will give you a fair idea if the automobile requires any repair. Often it could be difficult to negotiate with your buyer due to change in time zone. For this you can take help of an in-country friend or close contact to take care of the sale process.

Before your car broker start advertising your wheels set the minimum sale price. This will help to complete the sale process quickly just after finding the right buyer. Or else the buyer may not be willing to negotiate the deal, if you delay the process.

Deliver the car after getting full payment

After completing the negotiations effectively, your representative can hand over the vehicle keys to the new owner. Make sure that your representative relay all the relevant paperwork to the buyer.

It is better to hire a car broker to handle this task. They will take care to complete the process carefully to avoid any fraud. They will deliver the vehicle to the new owner only after getting full payment.


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