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Get a website done for the business is important, however, it is not enough if your site visitors are struggling with the slow speed. Online visitors are very sensitive about the loading of the sites, if your website is taking too long to load then visitors prefer to go for someone else without waiting any longer. According to the latest survey, if your website is taking longer than standard speed measures, then you are losing high number of online visitors.

Basically, website speed does not depend on your local internet bandwidth. It incorporates so many factors, including examining all sections of the web page, current and past performance statistics, test of the website speed at multiple locations and the software (CMS script) that you are using for your website. For example – Pingdom website speed test is the best tool, recommended by experts, will give you the real picture of the speed of your website.

WordPress is one of the best content management system ever built which is easy to use and manage. Just because of great scripting, if your website was built using the WordPress content management system, then make sure that the whole integration was done by the experts. If your website is suffering with slow speed with the high loading time then consider applying following practices which will help you to bring your website back on the fast track.


Image Optimisation throughout the website

Use of the heavy images on the site, is one of the biggest problems that must be resolved in the first place. By standard rule, if the image size is exceeded 30KB, it means that you are using the size above the standard images. For example- If your WordPress blog is showing 20 to 30 posts on the landing page, then the total sum of images size will exceed in megabits itself which is bad for the site speed. Adobe fireworks and Photoshop can be used to resize the images to small size, which should be the practical solution to put the images load down.

Minimal use of plugins

While using the WordPress content management system, use of different plugin’s is great experience. But, make sure that use only those plugin’s which are important and useful for your system. Several FREE WordPress plugin’s are available in the online market, do not use all of them. The system takes a long time to load the plugin’s. Just remove the plugin’s not in use.

Apply HTML5 – CSS3 (Mobile Friendly)

Make sure that your site is not using large images, they will not only take a long time to load but also, will create a problem for the mobile visitors. Prefer to use HTML5/CSS3 responsive technology which will cut off the large images and use some advanced CSS rules, script will load the images relatively thin and small which will give the boost to the site loading time.

Avoid using external JS and CSS files

Less number of JS and CSS files will boost the website speed by reducing the number of requests of HTTP. You can write as long as JS and CSS files, but make sure that they are all at the one place. If your scripts are scattered through the page, then the server will take long time to run each and every script individually. Do not write number of scripts on a single page, call them from one file instead.

Pre loading of images using the cache plugin is one of the biggest approaches of WordPress users. This plugin caches browser, page, database, object and content delivery network as well. You can download this plugin from w3c cache.

Website Hosting can be a key factor

Website Hosting is an ongoing expense and should be considered in a smart way. If your website hosting does not assign your site with a suitable resource then possible, you will be running a slow website. After applying all of the above factors, if you feel like your website is still loading slow, then consider changing your host, which will resolve the slow speed issue possibly.


Most of the great web design companies customise the WordPress web design by considering above factors. Google promotes high speed sites so after following them, expect a good ranking in SERP (search engine result page) too which is good for your business.


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