The triumph of the car wrecking industry

When a vehicle has reached the end of its life, whether it be through terrible accident or extreme old age, the mechanism of its final disposal is referred to by experts as “wrecking”. This is the process of completely dismantling the machine, stripping it of any parts that can be re-used, and recycling everything else.

This is important for a few good reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that old vehicles have to go somewhere when their time is up. Sure, there are places where people just store old cars where they take up space. The cars there pile up, and you can find images of these places on the internet. Giant piles of old cars in a space specially dedicated to act as a sort of vehicle graveyard. But this system is completely unsustainable, so people have stopped doing this. This is where wrecking yards have stepped in to save us from unsightly mountains of junk littering up every available space.


Car wrecking companies will pull out all the stops to ensure that each vehicle is recycled to within an inch of its life. The engine is dismantled, with the auto spare parts that make up the engine thoroughly inspected by experts, and if they are re-usable they are refurbished for re-sale.

The same goes for auto parts throughout the car. Even the engine oil can be cleaned and re-used. Oil filters, starters and alternators, rubber hoses and spark plugs can all be re-used if in good enough condition.

The parts of an automobile that can’t be used again are broken down for re-use as base materials, like the glass in the windows, the rubber in the tyres and the metal that is sold as scrap metal and reconstituted to make more cars and other metal based products.

All of this environmentally friendly activity surrounding the safe and sustainable disposal of old automobiles is kept in check by rules and regulations. They are called End of Life Vehicle regulations. They include rules that control the type and amount of toxic chemicals that can be used, and rules that control the designs of vehicles that ensure that they aren’t going to be an environmental burden in the future.


This is great because there are plenty of toxic chemicals in the average automobile. We all know that some of them reside in the battery. Mercury, sulphuric acid, lead are three of those substances. If these are just left as they are, they will leak, and the chemicals will be released into the environment. Car wrecking companies ensure that this doesn’t happen.

And that is the ultimate triumph of the car wrecking industry. These guys are making sure that the planet is safe for our children and our children’s children. Anything less than this is simply unacceptable, as this is our only planet, and we have to make sure that it is inhabitable for many generations to come, because we aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

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