Why my website looks different in different computers and mobile devices?

Building a great website for the business is one of the most exciting dream for anyone. As soon as our web pages become live in front of the whole world, our expectations rolls through the top of the on-line business returns.

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As we become more keen about the look of the website to attract online customers. If we check the web page layout on different computers or mobile devices or web browsers or operating systems or may be a different user defined system preferences, the look of your online business will be different from your expectations because as a non-technical IT person, your point of contact should be same like others. If your website looks different on different places or devices, it doesn’t mean that your web pages are broken or worthless, they are just different.

So what’s a problem with my website?

Nothing, there is no problem with your web layout as far as it is built by advanced web design services. However, there could be a few factors that might affect the look of your website on different computers or devices, let me explain some of them:

–      The computer or device

–      Different operating systems

–      Different screen sizes and resolutions

–      Different web browsers

–      Custom made user defined preferences

Let’s discuss these factors in brief so you should know exactly how they affect the look of your web pages.

Different screen sizes, resolutions and devices: This is the internet world and everything that we use on a daily basis trying to connect to the internet. Even the household devices.

All the devices have different screens sizes and resolutions and even the different operating systems, for example: Computers have windows 8, Apple IOS and IPHONE and IPAD use IOS and other mobile devices us androids. Each operating system is written in different languages. These are the major reasons to make your website look different on different devices.

Resolution of the computer or other devices can be the key factor in the look of the website. In the recent times, 1366X768px is the most usable resolution setup in default by the companies. On higher resolutions, everything will look smaller and your website can get a scroll around and vice a versa.

Browsing on the mobile devices and responsive layouts:

Surfing the web on the mobiles in their way could be the key so that your website looks good everywhere. Vitality of responsive web design need to be considered by everyone as responsive layouts are the only solution to look better, your websites on the computers as well as the mobile devices.

Responsive coding uses HTML5 and CSS3 which is the latest coding structure and helps to look your web enjoyable and attractive on the mobile devices.

Web browsers are like monsters: There are hundreds of web browser’s on the web world, however, only a few of them considered as the most usable ones. Mozilla, Safari, Chrome and IE are one of them. However, older versions of IE do not support responsive layouts because they are outdated. All the latest browser versions follow the HTML5 and CSS3 standards which help websites to look great on computers as well as mobile devices.

Custom made user defined preferences: Most of online users change the settings of their monitor and other configurations according to how they want. It can cause to be change the look of your website on that particular computer.

There are a number of online users just play with the calibration of the monitors and change the colors and the font in the settings and it makes the difference.

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 These are the major factors that cause your website look different:

After reading above, I hope that you understand why your website look different on different computers and devices.

However, as far as, your website is responsive and up to date, you should not worry about anything at all because the most important thing is the content if your content is showing fine then all should be good for the customers and Google SEO point of view.

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